This year we’re starting 2015 in a brand new studio!!! I’ve been dreaming of a studio space like this for over 7 years, so I am grateful and happy my hard work has paid off!

My handy husband and I spent our Christmas break in full renovation mode! Converting the double garage into a studio was a huge job but were so proud of the end result!
First, we had to build a garden shed and empty a very full double garage, we had the old garage door removed and our friend Drew from A&L Windows and doors installed our new sliding doors. I think the biggest job was patching the walls and painting (Matt did most of the painting). Once we layed the flooring (Quickstep flooring), my studio was almost complete and I was so happy!

For the past 5 years I have been running my business from a small room at the front of my home. When I out grew that room, I then took another room and my kids started sharing a bedroom. When I out grew two smaller rooms we made the decision to turn our main bedroom into a studio and move into a smaller bedroom at the back of the house. For 3 years we gave up our main bedroom with our walk in wardrobes and ensuite so I could build my business. Then, we were told that we were expecting a third child… 🙂 To cut a long story short, we moved back into our main bedroom, my business squeezed back into the small front room and I filled my kids cupboards with props and blankets, we had out grown our home and we needed to make a big change. Running a business from home with three kids is hard work and very stressful. We started looking at commercial properties and sharing spaces but as a Mother of three children it was a huge commitment that I wasn’t ready for. Finally, I was inspired by my good friend Kelly Brown when they converted their garage into a studio. The idea worked for us so we made it a reality.

Anyway, I hope you like our new studio! We still have a huge list of things to do but I love shooting my new space, the ceilings are high and it floods with beautiful diffused natural light. I have space, my kids have their own bedrooms and I have separated my business from my home. 🙂

Gold Coast natural light studio