We’re now holding newborn sessions in the comfort of your home. These sessions run slightly different to our studio newborn sessions.

Our lifestyle sessions are held in the comfort of your home with your family. These sessions have a more candid and natural approach and don’t include props or baskets.

We start the session by wrapping your baby, then we will photograph your baby on their own in either the main bedroom or nursery. We then include family members and capture you interacting with your baby with a mixture of posed photos. Some families include the family pets and capture daily activities such as bathing and breast feeding.

The best thing about these sessions are;

  • Your baby doesn’t need to be asleep to start the session.
  • Sessions typically run for 1-2 hours
  • Our sessions are stress free and easy
  • No messes/ accidents like the studio sessions
  • You don’t have to rush out of the house
  • You can include special items/ belongings in your session
  • Feature your home decor and interior design

Some things you will need to consider when booking your session;

  • You must have a clean, clutter free area in the house for me to work in
  • I’m a natural light photographer, so I can’t work in dark rooms
  • Travel fee’s may apply if you live outside our local radius

Please take a look through my gallery below and if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me.