Newborns are my favourite subject to photograph and there are very few words to describe how I feel when I am photographing these precious little miracles.

Jade (mother of three) has the experience, knowledge, time and patience needed to handle, pose and photograph newborn babies.

We will do everything we can to create the perfect gallery, but the baby’s comfort and needs will always come first. We approach each session with the patience and understanding that time will be needed for feeds, nappy changes and settling.

When hiring Forever After Photography you can trust your baby will be in good hands. Safety is our absolute priority and we will never put your baby in a pose or setup that is unsafe.

Frequently asked questions
When should I book my newborn session?

We only accept a limited number of newborn sessions per month so it's important to contact me while you're still pregnant. It's never too early to book.
Newborn bookings are taken based on your due date, and by booking in advance you will secure your session (even if your baby comes earlier or later than expected).

How long do newborn sessions go for?

We like to allow at least 2-3 hours for a newborn session.
If you have booked a lifestyle session in your home your session will take around 1-2 hours.

We don't rush newborn sessions and allow time for feeding and settling your baby.

What do we bring?

You will need to bring the essentials such as nappies & wipes. We have a range of wraps and props you can use in your newborn session.
If you have anything special you would like to include in your session please bring it along.

Have you had your Whooping Cough vaccination?

Yes, all of our vaccinations are up to date. This is very important to us.

How many images will be in our gallery to choose from?

We will show you 30 or more images for you to choose from. Every session is different and when you have family and siblings included in the session you may have more images in your gallery.

When will my session take place?

Age plays a very important role in the look and feel of your newborn images. All the images you see in the newborn gallery were all taken under the age of 14 days. Babies change at a phenomenal rate in the early days, so if at all possible we like to hold your session at some time during the first 10 days. At this age most babies are still sleepy making it much easier to get them into the curled positions you see on my website. Any older than two weeks and babies are more wakeful, may have baby acne or peeling and like to stretch out more making it difficult to get that sleeping, curled up baby look.

My baby is already born. Is it too late to book a session?

If your baby has arrived please contact me ASAP as we sometimes have available sessions come available.

Where will our session take place? Can you come to our home?

We have a fully equipped natural light studio in Pacific Pines. Otherwise you can choose to have your newborn session at your home. Please see out newborn lifestyle sessions.

Do you include sibling and family photos in your newborn sessions?

Absolutely! I encourage all family members to be apart of the session.

Do you photograph in both colour and back and white?

Yes, I will edit a mixture of colour and black and white image.

How long do you keep our images?

I will archive all of your images for 2 years.