How beautiful are these little angels? Addison and Harlow are identical and rare Monoamniotic/monochorionic (mono/mono) twins.

This means they developed within the same amniotic sac. A rare occurrence, most of the literature says it accounts for only about 1% of identical twin gestations. It occurs when the egg splits after the amniotic sac has already formed around it (normally the egg will split earlier, allowing an amniotic sac to form around each fetus). Each baby has her own umbilical cord that attaches to the same placenta, which is her source of nourishment.

A Mono/mono twins are a complicated pregnancy because of the high-risk of fetal death due to umbilical cord entanglement (added to the regular risks of a multiple gestation). Since there is nothing to separate the babies, there is nothing to keep them from twisting around each other and tangling and knotting their cords. Twists and knots in their cords can easily cut off the blood supply to one or both of the babies. Cord entanglement can cause a slow reduction in blood flow creating problems over time or cause a sudden complete loss of blood flow in a matter of minutes or seconds. The statistics on this condition vary depending on which study or website you read, but the most widely reported and accepted number is that mono/mono babies have a 50% fetal mortality rate.

After all of the odds and risks from Alisha’s pregnancy, the girls were born at 32 weeks healthy, strong and beautiful! Harlow was only 1460g (3.2 pounds) and Addison was 1660g (3.6 pounds). So tiny!!

They came to me at 5 weeks of age for their photos, weighing around 5 pounds each. They were so tiny and had perfect little features and beautiful olive skin!

Twins can be a real challenge to photograph and pose together. One baby is never as settled as the other and was always hitting or kicking the other baby, weeing or pooing and we would need to resettle them all over again! So it was hard work, but when we finally got them into a deep sleep we managed to get some gorgeous images of them together!

My favourite image is the two girls in the nest! I made this nest for their session and it turned out perfectly! The other image that brings a smile to my face is second last image of the girls sucking each others lips. Gosh they were cute, when ever they made contact they would just suck each other for comfort. The were sucking each others face, lips and hands, who needs a dummy when you have a twin sister!! : )

I couldn’t imagine the job Alisha has ahead of her just to tell them apart! If it wasn’t for the name tags on their back and the slight red mark above Harlow’s eye we wouldn’t have been able to tell them apart!

I felt so lucky to have been chosen to capture these beautiful little darlings. Thank you so much Alisha for choosing me to capture your little miracles!

Love Jade.x