What is Boudoir?

Just the very word boudoir is luxurious and sexy; leading the mind to the intimate things found in the secret spaces of a woman’s dressing room.
The word boudoir portrays a sensual imagery of lace, satin, lipstick, high heels and negligee. It takes us back to days gone by, when women would sit for portraits in a settings where they felt most beautiful; often in a private room or boudoir. Artistic masters throughout history have celebrated femininity and captured this quality with boudoir sessions showing their female subjects in a classy and intimate environment. In the 21st Century this term has been broadened to include photographic art; intimate and beautiful portraits of women in natural settings.
For most women the feeling of being alluring and beautiful has been lost amongst work days, school runs, housework and family commitments. It has become rare to take the time to feel sexy just for ourselves. EVERY woman deserves this experience and should have beautiful reminders of her allure and her power.
For different women this will mean different things but the results will be the same; intimate portraits tastefully showing a woman feeling sexy, beautiful, confident and happy.
Many ladies are doing this as a special gift for their partner, fiancée or husband… Some are just doing it for themselves. Boudoir photography makes a sexy gift, and any woman can be made to look fabulous; no matter her age or size. More and more women are sitting for boudoir photos as an empowering experience, a personal change or to celebrate the beauty of the female body.
The photos will be styled to suit your personality, allowing you to discover your inner vixen or reveal your demure charm. A boudoir session gives every woman what she deserves: a day of luxurious pampering with intimate and classy photos as a reminder of her beauty and sex appeal.

“We capture your outer beauty to allow your inner beauty to shine. We’re passionate about all things luxourious, glamourous, sensuous.”

If you are having a browse of this website, you perhaps are confidently serious in finding the perfect photographer to book a boudoir session. Or the flip side, you may be pondering the thought, nerves taking over to the point where you may change your mind, thinking…’Im not sure if i can lie around in my underwear?’ Well read on, i promise you, over the next 5 minutes you will be deciding this is something you MUST get done…for YOU. Think of it as a celebration, on where you have been on your journey in life and where you are now.
A beautiful woman that will walk away after her session with the empowerment that she is truely admirable. Whether you wish this just for your own eyes, or the viewing pleasure of a partner or husband as a gift, we here at Ooh la la boudoir will give you an experience. We are passionate in dedicating our strenghts to all things luxurious, so you feel comfortable before, during and after your shoot.

Our all female team consists of one photographer (art director and graphic designer) and a licensed professional hair and makeup artist/stylist.

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